Berlin vintage rockers SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY work a tinge of grunge into their forward rhythmic fuzz & hammond driven music, influenced by the sound that exploded in the sixties and spread its wings in the seventies.The solid power of massive riffs topped with melodic hooks and a distinctly modern rock-vocal style deliver an energetic stage performance combined with a road trip feeling.


Scream Of The Butterfly was formed in Berlin, Germany early 2016 by singer and hammond organ/keyboard player Richard and guitar player Matthias. The pretty riffy but very melodic way of playing the guitar instinctively matched Richards’s expressive singing and stage-liveliness. A couple months passed and together with the new-found grunge-drummer Glauco SOTB started to jam and write songs aiming for a solid but vital rocksound. In spring 2016 the trio was recording the demos for „Living doll“ and „Missed The Brake“ and came up with the bands‘ name Scream Of The Butterfly, which referres to a lyric-line sung by Jim Morrison and describes the wave of dynamics and energy in SOTB‘s songwriting.

During that time bass player Sergej was found and completed the band with a load of 70s Rock influence. In summer 2016 Scream Of The Butterfly began to play their first shows including opening for the Manchester punk band „Buzzcocks“ and were giving first radio interviews.

Over the winter months SOTB decided not to play live but, instead, work on a proper debut album to kick off with. So the band recorded pre-productions for IGNITION and found the italian label „Burning Wax Productions“, which belongs to „Heavy Psych Sounds“. The studio recordings took place in Berlin’s Big Snuff Studios. With the help of Richard Behrens (sound engineer of Kadavar) SOTB used vintage instruments (such as a real hammond organ and 70s amps and guitars), as well as tape machines in combination with digital editing. Scream Of The Butterfly’s sound is created out of several rock genres from the 70s up to the present time.

Designed by Branca Studio, the debut record IGNITION was released September 29th 2017 in limited edition transparent-orange vinyl, black vinyl, CD & digital.

In 2018 Scream Of The Butterfly were going on tour in Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria and Italy. During that time the band started to work on their second album. The many Riffs Mazz came up with let to a wave of new songs that the band worked on in 2019. This was also the year, that the 4 musicians decided not to go on as one band after releasing the second album. Richard came up with the album title BIRTH DEATH REPEAT, which describes the beautiful time the band had in this formation, but also the future that lay ahead, not giving up on Scream Of The Butterfly, even though the two strong musicians Mazz and Glauco could not be part of the future-project. In respect of each other the band wanted to make BIRTH DEATH REPEAT as good as possible and put more depth into the songwriting then into IGNITION.

Scream Of The Butterfly recorded BIRTH DEATH REPEAT in their own studio. Only the drums were recorded separately. This way all 4 musicians could spent more time to record the songs. The mixing process took a bit more time, as well and involved the band more closely. Mixing took place at Doubletrack Studios in Hamburg, Germany. The great Mike Tarsia mastered the album in Philadelphia. With the help of graphic designer Interceptor Beyond the stunning artwork was created.

BIRTH DEATH REPEAT was released March 27th 2020 in limited edition transparent-magenta vinyl, black vinyl, CD & digital. Ultra-limited splatter-, marble- and test-vinyl-pressings were added. Scream Of The Butterfly used their own label Red Revolver Records to throw the new album into the world.

During that time the band didn’t stop playing live and Richard and Sergej found the guitar player Gabriel in the end of 2019. Joined by Daniel (Dan) on drums, who helped out in the time of searching a drummer, a little tour in Austria and Germany took place in January 2020. After the release of BIRTH DEATH REPEAT Andrea joined the band on the drums in summer 2020. The focus was to find a new sound but not giving up on the way Scream Of The Butterfly used to sound. The grunge-vibes remained in the band but also some more influences from the 60s were forged into the new songs. Heavy riffs and interesting song-structures were born and the more and more Richard, Sergej, Gabriel and Andrea jammed together, the more closely they found what the upcoming album should sound like.

The Pre-Productions for the 3rd record started in fall 2021. Scream of The Butterfly started the studio sessions in April 2022.